Do you seem to be in a never-ending cycle of stress, anxiety and overwhelm?

Are you feeling powerless in your current circumstances; like you just cannot get ahead?

Are the events of the world getting you down?

Are you lying awake at night worrying?

Are you lacking in energy?

Are you depressed?

Are you always in conflict with yourself, your family, your colleagues?

Do you want to improve your health?

Do you want to improve anything in your life?

If you have answered YES to any of the above; boy, do I have the answers for you!  Emotions, beliefs and attitudes can either deplete us or refresh us.

Do you know your true being is a POWERHOUSE of ENERGY?

Do you know how to access that energy and use it for your own health and renewal?

Do you know that you can feel peaceful, wise and powerful at the same time?

Do you know how to transform, transmute, transcend or repattern your energy system?

Do you know that your energy system whatever state it is in has a huge impact on your internal and external environment?

Where your thoughts go your energy flows?  You are constantly creating depletion or renewal.  The first Vital ingredients to accessing your POWERHOUSE of ENERGY for all that is good in your world, are:

CHOICE (Power)                              WILLINGNESS  (Drive)

EDUCATION  (Knowledge)            WISE ACTION (based on your voyage of inner discovery)


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Integrating your body, mind, soul and emotions is EVOLUTIONARY.  It takes you out of the revolutionary cycle of historic events into a NEW YOU!  Contact me now for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Professional standard and experience

“I have had the priviledge to personally experience Pamm's healing abilities for setting the mind and spirit free and was so impressed I have employed the help of Pamm's amazing gift to help my teenage daughter on 2 occasions to release negative thought patterns that were becoming entrenched.

Pamm’s intuition and nurturing side was able to assess and implement what strategies were most applicable for both our situations, as she treats everyone as unique. Her professional standard and experience is of a high level but her work is very much felt from the heart, making the environment one of safety and security so that one is able to release and receive to the deepest level."

* Deborah Hartley
RN,RM,Massage Therapist

I don't need to buy a block of chocolate every week and have lost 8 kilos

Pamm has helped me with three different things; the first was quitting smoking in 1998 and I have only had one since and didn't enjoy it. Second of all she has helped me deal with my multiple sclerosis, I haven't had bad attacks in quite some time and am still walking at 58 years of age.

Finally I am extremely happy with Pamm's help with my healthy eating regime, this has greatly assisted with reducing the effects of my MS symptoms, and also by some miracle I don't need to buy a block of chocolate every week and have lost 8 kilos in the past few months.

I recommend Pamm highly.

* Maree