About Pamm


I am a Professional Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Foundation Member of both the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc (MNZAPH) and of the NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc (MNZHRB). I gained my inaugural training in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transpersonal Psychology in Auckland, my home town, in the late 80s/early 90s.

Concurrently in the 80s I was collaborating with an amazing team of change agents; where through in-depth transformational workshops, we combined our skills and donated thousands of hours in support of others’ wellness, inner peace and self-empowerment. Working with several thousand people over this time provided a strong foundation for my healing skills and my own evolutionary journey.

I have continued to invest in my skills and knowledge. Over 30 years, my passion for uncovering the dynamic effects of mind-power and heart-power on health and wellbeing led me through various fields of study and an array of internationally recognised teaching institutions; one of the first being the Osmosis School of Hypnotherapy where I gained a clinical diploma in hypnotherapy in 1992. I continue to practice hypnotherapy professionally as a powerful foundation tool to create transformation in the lives of my patients.

I am eternally grateful for the early guidance of Francie Williams from the North Shore Parapsychology School; Louise Hay; Doreen Virtue; Dr Joshua Stone; Bruce Lipton; Burt Goldman; Masaru Emoto; Christie-Marie Sheldon; the Mind Valley Academy; the Institute of HeartMath; the IAM University and many others too numerous to mention, who have all had an influence on the revelation and unfoldment of my full spectrum counselling and healing methods.

My major point of difference is that I work with you on your attitudinal healing on all levels of consciousness (conscious mind; sub-conscious mind; unconscious mind and superconscious mind); in order to integrate all levels of your energetic system – body, mind, spirit and emotion, so you may learn to embody and express your ideal self in any given situation. To understand and use the expression of Love, Wisdom and Power inherent in you is the answer to your prayers! These methods are transformational and transcendent and have been labelled “The Therapy of the Millennium” as they have the ability to heal the minds and hearts of all Souls on Earth.

My practice, Ascension Dynamics, is now based at my home on the beautiful Kapiti Coast.

My Gift to You 

Having trouble WINDING DOWN, play Evening Relax, listen to the calming sound of the sea and my voice…It could be the start of your transformation.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to help you continue on that journey.

Pamm Millage