Love Versus Fear

A basic life premise is that there are two ways of thinking and only two. And every person in the world falls into one or the other. There is the negative take or the positive take; the voice of the Spirit or the voice of the ego. We are conditioned as children and by society […]

Changing your DNA

Perhaps the most important wish one can make for another is that of comfort and healing. Scientific experiments on human placenta DNA has proven that DNA can change shape according to the feelings of the researchers. When researchers felt anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by tightening up and switching off many of […]

Happy Workers Equal Efficient Staff

You may ask, how can Ascension Dynamics help me and my business? Positive emotion-focused intervention and heart rhythm feedback training across a diverse range of organisational settings has documented measurable improvements in both employee health and well-being and in organisational performance. A happy staff increases productivity, goal clarity, job satisfaction, communication effectiveness and reductions in […]